17.09.20 Fence renovations completed……now to sort the interior!

This  very successful and worthwhile project has cost nothing other than volunteer hours! What a transformation.

We are exceptionally grateful to Ben at Build Base, Exmouth, who gave Exmouth in Bloom fence capping for this project. It has certainly made all the difference.    

Our trusty handyman Dave, assisted by Peter  and with Marion watching out for walkers and bike riders on the shared pathway, took just over an hour to complete the transformation.

So just look at it now! Neat, clean and tidy.

But the area hides a real blemish on the landscape, with no-one willing to claim responsibility for the maintenance or ownership of the land.  The tree canopy needs to be highered so that no one on a bike or any tall people get attacked by branches and for the interior to be cleared. ( not something EiB can do I’m sad to say).

Exmouth in Bloom are still on the case however.