18.06.23: Emergency watering rounds needed after nearly 8 weeks of no rain.

Almost 8 weeks with no rain and high temperatures and some emergency top-up watering sessions were needed on our larger planted areas. As the evening temperatures cooled down, a Magnificent 7 committee members set out with watering equipment and  in two hours delivered over 800 litres onto the Wavy Bed, Swan, Station Roundabout, and the Dinosaur Paddocks.

A big shout out to the lads ( doing GCSEs at the mo), who saw Ali and Barbara flagging, carrying 4 full watering cans  down Manchester Road and  asked if they could help. They took the cans and finished off watering the plants by the Dinosaurs.  Faith  restored…. Chivalry is not dead and big thanks to  those  young men. Any time you’d like to help let us know.!

A second  watering session was needed on Sunday at the Sensory Garden which was beginning to look parched and the Sea Defences borders in Alexandra Terrace.

Update: Rather like when you wash the car….. it rained in the early hours of the Monday morning!