18.03.20 Social distance gardening! …………Wild flower enhancement.

The wild flowers on most of Marine Way bank are sparse but slowly appearing…Cowslips, Cornflowers, Knapweed, Moon Daisies and Primroses¬† are already popping up for example. However, improving the numbers of them has been a project in the planning with Wild East Devon and Wild Exmouth these last few weeks. The whole bank is over half a mile long. Last week, we were donated some special Restore and Enrich seed by ranger Tim Dafforn and earmarked some suitable stretches on the bank, in between the established drifts of daffodils. So a group of us set to, (keeping to social distancing rules),¬† scarifying areas in the bank to expose bare soil patches.¬† Once completed we scattered seed that had been chitted in sand for a week.

Now we wait patiently and cross our fingers for a wonderful show……… and hope that the two Slow worms we discovered in the grass will love their new flower-filled homes come the summer.