18.02.24: Heads up for the Exmouth in Bloom Sunflower Competition 2024

Heads up for the Summer. Exmouth in Bloom are organising a Sunflower Growing Challenge again. This time we will be launching the competition next month in conjunction with ‘Grow Tall Sid’ which is the latest book from Exmouth’s very own children’s author Debra Wellington.  Grow Tall Sid is the story of a sad grey seed who wants to grow tall and be colourful like the other flowers in the garden.

Email this website info@exmouthinbloom.org.uk  for more information or check the link for Competition details in the Resources tab at the top of this page.

or for Grow Tall Sid details go to www.theanimalsays.co.uk

Lots more info and events  to come. Let’s fill Exmouth with Golden Sunflowers!