17.08.21: New, magnificent Sea Defence bed planted


This has been a super day

Graham has been working closely with Jim Faux from The Environment Agency on the creation of a fantastic new horticultural scheme at Alexandra Terrace as the golden spike in the Exmouth Sea Defence operations.

After much planning and co-operation between all stakeholders,  today was planting day. Graham had  already spent much time preparing the new bed and sourcing drought and salt tolerant plants which arrived today bang on schedule from Rainbow Plants in Ottery St Mary.

The Exmouth in Bloom planting team worked like clockwork with Graham as project manager and as if by magic the huge bed was completed.

The result is utterly magnificent and even on day one it certainly looks ‘the business’ with three mature  cordylines as the anchor and focus points.

The beautiful new stone clad wall serves as a perfect backdrop for this fabulous new asset to Exmouth’s wonderful seafront, with the clock tower,  historic water trough, the Beacon and Holy Trinity Church in the background.

This will soon be the place to stop for one of the best photo opportunities in Exmouth.

Graham has created the planting plan.

All placed!

Ready steady ……PLANT !

Notice one of the HUGE floodgates installed here.