17.05.22: Seafront boat replaced with ‘Granny’s Delight’

Sadly the little boat right on the seafront, donated less than a year ago, has split. Maybe someone has sat or stood on it. Who knows?  However we were suddenly offered a little ‘tender’ to a sailing boat that used to be moored in the estuary many years ago. It has a long history of happy times in Exmouth and David Hughes, who learnt to sail in her many years ago, has donated the boat. He promised his mother that he would never sell it. So we now have ‘Granny’s Delight’ happily waiting to be planted up with some suitable (we hope) sustainable, salt resistant and drought resistant perennials. In due course we may give her a new Exmouth Lifeboat name (as this is traditional),  but whatever happens she will be bringing joy to everyone walking or driving along the Prom.