17.03.23: A spot of ‘Cloud Pruning’ at The Cobbled Verge

Another great morning’s work….. and the sun came out!

The  shrubs on the Cobbled Verge, across the road from the York Inn, have grown so much since it was last cut back in 2018 and have become somewhat unmanageable. Today Mark and Noel from MJP Gardening Services came with their powered cutting equipment and made a superb job of shaping the individual shrubs, giving them a ‘short back and sides’!

The Bloom team was there on the underpass ramp to monitor the passers by, collect the debris and also managed to do a spot of tidying, along with tackling the cutting back of the Morning Light grasses and buddleias, in the Triangle bed.

Adam from Streetscene came along in his electric pick up truck to collect the green waste  for recycling. Thanks Adam.

Another worthwhile project planned and delivered.

We Bloomers are on fire!

Had to laugh…. even  the cuppa at the end of the workparty was smiling!