17.02.22: Postponed workparty picks the right day!

With all the severe weather forecast for this last week we postponed our mid-month Sunday work party ’til today (Thursday) and what a lucky choice that was! Bright sunshine greeted 13 volunteers who soon got down to work in the borders behind the ‘small’ seating area in the Strand. This whole area, belongs to EDDC but Exmouth in Bloom has permission to tackle some parts of it when we have time. Weeding, tidying and edging up was the order of the day and what a difference we made. The borders are looking loved once again! Several visitors to Exmouth stopped to praise our work and we made one lady very happy by giving her a cutting from Salvia Jamensis to stike for her own garden back in Manchester.

We also had a good laugh at one group of lads asking if we were doing Community Payback!!!

Well done team!

Richard B did a litter pick of the whole area. What joy, I wonder, do people find in throwing cans, glasses, bottles (Glass and Plastic) and fast food boxes into the shrubs when Litter bins with Recycling are staring them in the face from every angle only feet away?