16.05.21: Wet wet wet! The only way to describe our workparty today!

The plan for today was to clear the plants that have provided Winter colour, from the boats in Marine Way and in the Wavy Bed, in order to make them  ready for Summer planting in a couple of weeks time.

Yes it rained …..but there were 19 ‘bonkers’ volunteers who joined the work party, including two new volunteers, Michaela and Wendy ( who must have thought we are mad)  and with much cheer we got everything done in one and a half hours.

We had advertised on local community Facebook sites and emailed our ‘Friends’ to offer the plants and a few of the bulbs,  to anyone who might like some for their own garden.

7 hardy souls came along and ‘bagged’ some free plants during the morning, but we decided to leave a few left overs for the public to pick up when the rain stopped.

In addition to all this, Liz  was able to take a team over to the Waterwheel  to give the perennial geraniums a ‘Chelsea Chop’ cut back and to make the area and pond tidy.

Eve suggested we might need a snorkel and flippers today and she wasn’t far wrong!

What a great crew!