16.04.23: Our 9 Floral Boats get ‘prepped’ for painting.

Three teams have been prepping our 9 boats ready for painting but  though we only got photos of two teams at work, I’m sure you get the picture! There are a few repairs  still to be completed but all the signs and boat names have been taken off and the boats have been scrubbed, washed and sanded  so will soon be ready for a smart new coat of ‘Exmouth in Bloom Blue’ paint (provided by Wilson’s Paints, here in Exmouth). Then we will put new name plates  back on the boats. For your interest, all but one of our boats is named after Exmouth Lifeboats or Lifeboatmen except for the one that welcomes everyone to Exmouth, near the Station, which is named after our late EiB President, who also served a term as our town Mayor, Pat Graham MBE