15.11.23: Tricky two phase project emptying boat Gertrude completed.

Quite a tricky job emptying one of our boats Gertrude, on Marine Way that was not thriving and had mysteriously become totally root bound. Turns out that a root from a nearby Ash tree had found its way through a drainage hole in the bottom of the boat and had  slowly engulfed the compost in the past few years. So yesterday we completely emptied the boat of plants, shook and saved as much of the old compost from the roots as we could and managed to cut the main root and lift the boat away. We then moved the boat up the road about 30m to a more open site and have now replaced the compost and topped it up with new.  Today we replanted the boat adding bulbs and some winter planting for a splash of colour til Spring.  Well done  to the two Blue teams from yesterday and today and thanks Andy from Kings Garden and Leisure for delivering new compost to the site.

Gertrude certainly looks happy in her new open aspect so we are hoping she flourishes.