15.11.20: World’s Longest Knitted Bunting…. Title confirmed

This letter has come from Deborah Custance Baker, organiser of The World’s Longest Knitted Bunting (8.9 miles), to which Exmouth in Bloom volunteers contributed more than 150 Triangles. 

Dear Everyone

Just as we entered the second lockdown, great news arrived.

“We are thrilled to inform you that your application for Longest Knitted Bunting Line has been successful and you are now the Guinness World Records Title Holder!”

Thank you everyone for taking part, and for producing so much bunting so that we didn’t just break the record but we SMASHED it. 

Most importantly thank you to all our wonderful and talented knitters.

Radio Devon for helping so much with the publicity,

Everyone who helped lay it all out at Westpoint,

Our official stewards: Charlie Courtenay, Earl of Devon; Cllr Phil Twiss; and Kirstie Allsop,

Will Morrison of Strutt and Parker, our official measurer,

The Westpoint groundsmen, Ray Bater and his team, who hung the bunting and then took it all down,

and everyone else who has helped in any way, big or small.

We look forward to showing off  The ‘Exmouth in Bloom’ string that has been returned to us to use on our stalls and at future events.