15.10.23: Dino Beds tidy reveals hidden rubbish.

Thank you to our 13 fantastic volunteers  who tackled the Dinosaur beds today and what a difference we made. We haven’t been in the undergrowth at the beds since late July, other than Les has mown the grass there a few times, so we had a lot to do.  After edging the borders and general tidying, the seed heads of the Pheasant grass were  all combed out and we  also extracted 4 huge bags of bottles, cans, food containers, drinking cups, plastic forks, drinks glasses, wrappers, vaping paraphernalia, socks, a tee shirt and a pair of tracksuit bottoms hiding in the beds behind the seating. There must certainly  be a lot of very lazy folk about because  it seems they throw their litter in the undergrowth instead of walking  15 metres or so to at least 4 clearly visible bins with recycling facilities!

Gerry chatted up a very friendly traffic warden  from Exeter who said what a great job we do in Exmouth (he gave  us permission to publish his photo! )

A  shout out  and thanks to Paul who was on Streetscene duty today and who  collected the gardening waste and the bags of rubbish for us.

Good to see  our President, Sharon, for a cuppa at Wetherspoons later.