15.07.21:This,That and The Other and More!

Our work parties have been somewhat unusual of late with tackling ‘Environment’ issues for our South West in Bloom judging day.

None of these activities are pleasant or recommended but RHS rules need to be followed if a Gold standard is to be achieved!

We have swept cobbles.

Washed bus shelters


Painted roundabout rims and signs.

Raked up mown long grass, (known as Haymaking in the olden days!)

Pulled out weeds from between kerb stones,  in gutters ( probably not actually allowed) and from flower displays.

Cut old fly posters down, scrubbed sticky labels from lamposts, removed tag graffitti, worn out two brooms and downed 24 bottles of gifted water from members of the public  in tropical temperatures!

We certainly have some outstanding volunteers with stickability who work over and beyond the call of duty.