15.05 21: Plants and Preserves Stall is Positively Perfect.

Ever experienced buses all coming at once?  Well suddenly  with lockdown restrictions being lifted a little we could organise a few outstanding events. First of these was a Plants and Preserves stall. Sharon has grown more than 700 plants in her greenhouse and as last weeks stall had to be postponed, due to bad weather, it was imperative that this stall went ahead today, or the plants would become leggy and not so saleable.   We put up the gazebo, the Town Crier and Mayor came to open proceedings and in just a few hours we sold almost everything. A  record breaking £1094.73 was raised! Thank you to all the friends, neighbours and EiB supporters who came and to the teams of volunteers. We welcomed new volunteer Kate, who soon took control of payments from the  long line  of shoppers!          Extra special thanks too, go to Sharon for hosting and for her huge input, which made the day such a success.