15.05.21: Special ackowledgement ceremony for the Strand Roundabout.

The redesigning of the Strand Roundabout has taken almost 20 months from concept to completion. Today we were able to gather together ( between heavy showers) to acknowledge all those who have been involved in this project . Introduced by the Town Crier,  the Mayor, Councillor Steve Gazzard spoke on behalf of Exmouth in Bloom, to thank…

Devon CC, who gave permission for the project to go ahead, (represented by Councillor Richard Scott)                                                                                                                                                                                                    East Devon CC, who granted planning permission for the metal sculptures (represented by Councillor Steve Gazzard)                                                                                                                                                                                             Exmouth Town Council, who assisted with the planning application (represented by Councillor Brian Bailey)

Exmouth Town Team who granted funding towards the cost of the project (represented by Chairman Jenny Clark)

Designer of the project Graham Bell, (Exmouth in Bloom)

Sculptures brought to life by Anthony Doble, (Blacksmith /Artist)

Marine-themed artifacts,  donated by Harbour Master, Steve Hockings-Thompson

Small wrecked boat, donated by Rob Masters,  Exmouth Sea Scouts.

And all the heroic Exmouth in Bloom volunteers who have worked hard to complete this transformation over the last year.

From this…..in 2019

to this in May 2021.

…… Utterly Fabulous!