15.01.23: Back into Gardening Action

We got back into Gardening Action today with the mid-month weed and tidy of the Station and  the Strand and their surrounding areas. Great turn out of 14, plus ‘mystery man’ G, who had been removing graffitti and litter from the London Inn Car Park and joined us for coffee in the warmth of The Powder Monkey.

There are always some fascinating finds in the undergrowth and today’s treasures,  along with the usual cans, bottles and polysyrene burgerboxes after a Saturday night, were a colourful football and several chunky glass tumblers.

It was cold but mostly sunny with blue skies, as you can see from the photos, though the rain did start as we all headed home. The flower towers are looking beautiful, having survived the freezing spell before Xmas and just one casualty so far…. one of the Echium Fastuosum plants is  looking very sorry for itself.

Everywhere else is looking loved again….. Thanks team!