14.10.21: A Not so Potty Project!

Since August, when the Environment Agency completed the new Flood Defences on the seafront, three rather ancient pots have been standing rather forlornly on the beautiful new paved area. Exmouth in Bloom were asked to put the final touches to the area. So it was decided to paint the pots the same green as the renovated metal bollards (cast in Exmouth Foundry many years ago)  which had, previous to the latest work, formed the roundabout there. Duly done and looking great, they are now ready  (bearing in mind that Winter storm waves will be crashing over the sea wall in just a few months time!) for some salt-tolerant planting to go in.

We hope you agree its all looking pretty good now!

Assess. Treat with Jeyes and leave a few days.

Scrub hard with metal brushes for half an hour (times 3 pots) and apply a special primer coat.


Take five when a local resident brings you water and CAKE as a ‘thank you’! Next sunny day, do the first green top coat with diluted paint and follow up with the second ‘full strength’ coat.

Top fill with compost and there you have it!

Add a little boat to the area (kindly donated by Louise from River Exe Cafe) and there ya go! Job done!