14.10.20 Re-planting in the Dinosaur Paddocks at last.

Our last update on 28.08.20 showed a work party re-shaping the beds in the Dinosaur paddocks. Since August we have been maintaining the beds and treating the grass in the paddocks, so that it was ready for the plants from the Roundabout to be re-homed. Today a work force of 8 completed the mammoth task of moving the 3 Trachycarpus palms, a barrow-load of Cala lilies and multiple varieties of grasses into the spaces we had created.
After more than 3 hours of digging and planting (in several showers of rain), we were thrilled to see everything come together and are very pleased to share the result with you. We just have to split the Agapanthus, already established in the beds, and pop in along the border edges to add a splash of colour for next summer.
A huge thank you goes to ALL the volunteers who over the months have worked so hard to bring this project together.

Great job done!