14.06.24: Rocking it at the Rockery with the new water feature and water butt installation.

A small group of committee members met at the Sendory Garden last week to finish off the water feature planting and  site a number of bigger shrubs along  Madeira Walk which forms the path at the top of the Rockery.  What a joy to  have water ‘on tap’ at the new water butt  too. It is certainly a huge help to have it there.  Thanks ETC for getting it installed and Adam, Head of the gardening team at Streetscene  for the initial filling of the tank,  but we are hoping for some rain to refill it this week! 

Lovely photo of Gillie here by the trickling water feature that she has donated to the garden. Her inspiration for this whole project has now become reality and the  whole Garden is thriving.  Do go and sit a while amongst the flowers.  So good for  mental well being.