14.05.23: Mid month Workparty shares plants with the Community.

Having decided to make a start on clearing some of the winter bedding from the Wavy bed this morning  we were really pleased to see so many local residents drop by to pick up and re-home almost all the polyanthus ‘Golden Nugget’ and many of the Bellis Daisies that are still going strong since being planted in October.  We have left the orange violas in  the ground for the time being but these will be available for the community too in the next week or so, when we will be making room  for Summer colour in the Town Centre boats and the Manchester Road planters.

May’s mid month work party today also had a second team out on The Trangle Bed and Verge  giving it a weed and tidy.  As Elaine put it… ‘there was much lurking in the bushes’ which made us all laugh!

With all the rain and warm weather there was a mountain of lush green waste in our trusty blue bags waiting to be picked up by Streetscene to go off to be composted.  Well done everyone. A spectacular difference made this morning.