14.04.24: Alexandra Terrace and the Sensory Garden get some attention.

What a joy to feel  some warm  sunshine for today’s  industrious workparty. 18 of us started at  Alexandra Terrace  corner ( sponsored by Thompson Jenner Accountants ) and the long sea defences bed, to give it a much needed weed and tidy after the winter storms. Much sand had been thrown up and deposited  here over the last few months and even the tough  dwarf buddlieas  looked brown and battered though new growth is already shooting which is a good sign
We moved on down the seafront to the Sensory Garden to remove Sow Thistles in an attempt  to stop their successful march to  completely dominate the wild flower borders.  The beds  and trees there are beginning to  bloom and the bird boxes are occupied. Spring has sprung.
Lovely cuppa at the Pavilion Cafe at the end with a special treat from a passer by  from earlier in the week…. tubs  of M & S Double choc and Rocky Road bites. Yum!