14.02.23: Manchester Road Planters Project Completed on Valentines Day.

Final day for the Manchester Road planters project. The  delivery lorry carrying the nine GeViews water reservoir planters, was met and unloaded  by Streetscene’s Adam, Pete and Simon plus the Town Grounds team of Tony, Steve and Peter, who had the planters all in place in a flash and the pallets taken away to be recycled as a compost bin.

Steve from Kings Garden and Leisure,  had already delivered the compost and 18 volunteers  soon got to work filling the planters and then retrieving the bags of plants that we saved and stored last week. With our usual excellent team work the whole job was completed  within 90 minutes  and many of us headed for a social cuppa and wind down.  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY and thank you to EVERYONE who has contributed  in any way to this huge project.


No not Ballet…. just Exmouth Bloomers loving celebrating the end of the Project.