14.01.22: All calm on the planter front.

Today we were able to assess the full extent of the damage to the tiered planters by emptying them out completely. We are confident that one complete planter can be salvaged from the two, once the moorings have been straightened by local Blacksmith Artist, Mark Thomas of Bespoke Iron Solutions, who gratefully quickly offered to help.

Importantly we are very relieved to say that the car driver was not injured in the collision.

One base planter is intact but the other is not only mis-shapen, so that the tower moorings will not fit, but is also punctured so that the reservoir leaks.

However we did manage to rescue a few plants and Exmouth Friends in Need have kindly given us some pots of bulbs, so we have filled the base planters and tucked them closer to the Dinosaur Paddock railings for the rest of the Winter, where they should be a little more protected from traffic.