13.12.20: The stunning Roundabout sculptures are installed.

It was an emotional day to see our vision for the roundabout at the entrance to Exmouth town centre become a reality.

Anthony Doble, the Artist/ Blacksmith, who has created the 3 metal sculptures during Lockdown, came to install them, in the rain, on Sunday whilst the town was quiet.

It’s down to Exmouth in Bloom to complete the hard landscaping and planting now. This, unsurprisingly, will have a maritime theme, complimenting the sculptures, and imitating the estuary area.

Thank you Anthony for your enthusiasm and for having the talent and skill to be able to bring our ideas and Graham’s drawings to life. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and we are proud to know that this is your first Public commission.

We will have an official unveiling and recognition ceremony in the Spring and look forward to sharing that event here on the website.

Here is a little story board of the morning. Please enjoy!

The sculptures arrived on a trailer, driven by Ray (Anthony’s granddad)

Unpacked and unloaded in the lay-by.

Rolled across the road by Aidan, Ray and Anthony and lifted onto the plinths.

Bolted onto the concrete…

All ready for the next stage of landscaping!