13.10.20 The Roundabout Project. Step 2

It took two sessions of a lot of SWEAT and LAUGHTER to dig out three fairly large Trachycarpus palms and clear the Calla lilies, Golden Oats and various ornamental grasses out of the roundabout. The plants have all been moved across the road and planted in the Dinosaur Paddocks in the Strand. Thanks, as always go to the myriad of brilliant volunteers who helped with manpower.

So the theory is this…….

You dig down and then ‘nibble’ at the bottom to undermine the root ball.


Then you do a push-me-pull-you manoeuvre with forks and BINGO……

You fall on the floor laughing!

Root ball wrapped up and transported to new permanent planting with the Dinosaurs.

Roundabout empty ready for ‘fabulous fish’ to be installed (watch this space).