13.04.21: Sharon beats her own plant growing record!

Sharon, our wonderful, Exmouth in Bloom Secretary, has Motor Neurone disease (MND) and needs to use a wheelchair to get around now. However, this has not stopped this intrepid lady from growing nearly 700 plants in her greenhouse to sell at our Pop-up stalls, the first of which is scheduled for 8th May in her own front garden. In addition to 7 varieties of Tomatoes, she has grown on Geraniums, Petunias, Cosmos, Zinnias, Rudbekia, Dahlias, Carnations, Begonias, Trailing geraniums, Dianthus, Lupins, Lobelia and Begonias. Phew!

Sharon’s nominated ‘bubble’ help Debbie, has washed and prepped the greenhouse ready for plants, carried numerous bags of compost and sweeps up when needed. Sharon has adapted her greenhouse to accommodate  her plant growing passion and has everything at her finger tips. We have so much admiration for this lady who is always there to support us all with wise advice, good humour and positivity. Thank you Sharon for all you do for Exmouth in Bloom.