12.09.21: Sharon’s Outstanding September Pop-up shop

Despite an overload of events this weekend Sharon’s Pop-up shop was clearly on people’s list of places to visit in Exmouth on Saturday.  We put the gazebo up (to ward off any rain!) but it wasn’t needed and a massive £940.80 was raised, thanks mostly to the new Autumn supply of home-made jams, marmalade and chutney.

Just as a matter of interest, between us, since January ’21 the volunteers have produced 369 jars of preserves and sold 267 to date!

This time we had more of Carol’s bags and a new line in serviettes all made from Recycled duvet covers. Plus, along with Carol’s knitted Teddy and Dolly clothes were Mel’s wonderful arty bits and bobs and beautiful craft items made by Sue and Jackie.

Exmouth in Bloom 2022 Calendars are selling well too so get yours now if you haven’t yet bought one.

Thank you Sharon for your hospitality and for being i/c of payments….. by cash and on the card reader!…… and many thanks to all the volunteers who manned the stall.

Here are a few photos from the end of the sale when the tables and walls looked almost empty of stock, (compared to the start of the event) and the team were just winding down after a busy day!

At least we still have enough items for our next stall in a few weeks time at the Repair Cafe on 2nd October.