11.06.23: Wild flowers ‘overload’ at the Sensory Garden.

There was a workparty of 17 at the Sensory Garden to try to make some sense of the wild flower situation there. The wild flowers in the borders have been allowed to self set everywhere  for two years now, but due to the hot dry weather they have flowered earlier and are going to seed.  The Poppies especially have been stunning, but  have now ‘flopped’ over the pathways which makes them a hazard. So today’s work was to tidy the paths and edges and make a plan so that when we are judged for Britain in Bloom next month there will be plenty of colour  as well as wild flower seed-heads drying out.

Gillie was putting the final touches to the re-painting of the seating motifs that cover unwanted graffiti. They are looking bright and colourful.

Paul came along to put Tomato plants, left over from The Repair Cafe, in the ground and thanks go to the Beach Shop who kindly let us have water.

Evelyn kept us entertained with her Bee spotting and collection of fallen flower petals. She is learning the names of quite a few flowers now. A blue Cornflower was her favourite today.

Les came back later in the afternoon to give the grass pathways a light mow.

What a pleasure it is to work in this wonderful place.