11.03.23: A Bug Hedge to be proud of.

March Mid-month workparty…… and 17 fantastic volunteers.

A GREAT day for a project that’s been on the back burner for a while. A Bug Hedge on the railway line side of Marine Way.

There are trees, shrubs brambles and gorse on that side that haven’t been pruned back and tidied for a number of years, and quite a few also needed dead wood taking out of them…all ideal for making a Bug Hedge.

We were fortunate that Build Base cut  and donated some suitable lengths of wood to form the framework and then our incredible volunteers went into action, gathering sticks, small branches, dead wood, leaves etc…. Anything suitable to fill the frame. This is the third Bug Hedge we have made and we  have definitely gained from experience. This one is certainly the best yet.

We are genuinely super proud of this team today.

Thank you to everyone  and especially Build Base. We couldn’t have made such a good job without your help.

One for the Album……

Wendy squashing her bag of leaves and brambles down to make more space in the bag!!!

Paul came to he rescue!