11.01.23: Superb new road entrance signs for Exmouth.

Huge thanks to Exmouth Town Council who have commissioned super new signs at the three road entrances to Exmouth detailing that we are a Gold award winning town. For many years one of our volunteers has painstakingly scraped off the old the old numbers and updated the year on the old signs so this will save us that annual job.

The new signs also reflect the working together of the three Councils, Devon County, Exmouth Town and East Devon District who all contribute to helping us achieve the excellent results in the annual RHS Britain in Bloom competition.

For interest this is the 18th Gold in succession since the RHS took over the Organisation of Britain in Bloom. A list of Exmouth in Bloom’s successes is posted below. These details can also be viewed on plaques on the wooden railings in The Strand.