11.01.22: Seafront Defences: Re-planting of Trees and Hedging completed.

In 2019, at the start of the Environment Agency Flood Defence work for Exmouth, Devon, 3 mature Holm Oak trees, each more than 120 years old, had to be felled behind the Victorian Clock Tower on the seafront, to make way for the construction of flood gates. This was seen as a very controversial act as the trees, actually sited within the grounds of the Imperial Hotel, provided shelter and roosting for many birds, squirrels etc. However, within the plans was a promise and guarantee to replace the trees.

The Sea defence work was completed in Summer 2021 and the replacement trees were delivered by Ainsty Timber Marketing (ATM) Ltd., in late November and stored until they were able to send professional arborists from Taunton to complete the planting. This was a major project that took several days.

True to their word the three Holm Oaks have been replaced by 6 smaller but decent sized British grown Holm Oaks and also around 800 mixed hedging plants, including Hawthorns, Holly and Viburnum have been planted. These will ultimately produce a safe haven and feeding station for many birds, bees, hedgehogs etc.

Good job done!

The trees were delivered to Camperdown in Exmouth

The planting team from Taunton arrived

and transported them to the seafront site.