10.09.23: September’s mighty mid-month workparty.

Just 10 super volunteers for the mid month workparty but what a lot we accomplished in 90 minutes.  The Wavy Bed got deadheaded, edged and tidied up, (that always makes a difference ). Paul trimmed back the Pyracantha hedge at the Rotary Wall leaving lots of berries for the birds to tuck into when the weather gets colder.  Bill and Barbara headed to the Magnolia  Centre to tackle the rampant Ivy in two of the raised beds.  (The Magnolia Walk beds and baskets are looking splendid by the way,  thanks to Exmouth Town Council). Incidentally B and B retrieved 20 empty alcohol bottles (that they then recycled), that were hiding in the Ivy!. We had a sweep and weed under the ‘skirts’ of the Station tiered planters  and Evelyn helped with deadheading  the geraniums on the Station platform. She  was fascinated with the different  shapes of the seed heads. The spikey geranium heads and the prickly feel of the Echinacea.  She also told us she is going to plant an acorn that she has at home as that has a big Oak tree inside it. 4 year olds say it as it is!

Well done and thanks everyone …. A good morning’s work.

                                                       Wendy, Paul  and Elaine missing from this photo!

                                              Photo credit Jeff Trail