10.04.23: Littleham Wave Community Garden takes shape in the first Women-only Splash Project.

Splash Community Projects managed their first women-only project at Littleham Leisure Centre, to create the Littleham Wave Community Garden . My goodness it was hard! After a health and safety and tool use briefing, groups  we’re given plans to make fantastic, Bug hotels, Modular Tables, that all fitted together to make one long table, Fencing all round  with archways, a Play kitchen, Potting bench. Raised planters ( filled with compost) 2  Trellis planters, a Garden Bench, Garden Chairs, a Plant swop area, and Compost bins. Honestly, it was 8 hours of incredible teamwork action and activity with some planting at the end. We had to learn to use all sorts of power tools. There was a morning coffee break and then a lunch break when we all sat down for a jacket potato with lots of fillings to choose from. Finally there were lots of Thank You speeches, including one from Devon County Councillor Richard Scott (who had negotiated for Jewsons to provide all the timber used), before the Pastor Sam Burnett ( who hada huge input into the project) and his wife, cut the ribbon. This community garden space has been transformed and will equally transform the lives of so many in the Littleham Community.

Another incredible Splash Project completed. Be proud everyone!

The Wave Community Garden will be seen by Britain in Bloom Judges as an IYN later in the year.

Briefing from Andrea Parkin, Splash Project Leader

Designs that were made by the teams of ladies under the guidance of the Splash Team members.

Under construction

Eight hours later!


Leader of the Wave Community Garden Project, Pastor Sam Burnett gave huge thanks and cut the ribbon. 

Tired but very happy ….job done!