10.04.22: Vandals Strike in the Sensory Garden.

The April mid-month work party venue was at the Sensory Garden for a general weed and tidy before the Easter  holidaymakers arrive. The garden is for everyone but especially for mental well-being, for people to sit peacefully listening to their surroundings, to enjoy the colours, scents and even taste some of the produce. but we were all devastated and outraged in equal measures to find that two of the memorial trees had been deliberately  snapped off.

What joy do these people get from destroying trees I wonder?

The young apple tree, which was just about to flower and would have provided fruit for people to pick and taste has been broken at ground level.

The apple tree, planted under a year ago, now snapped off at ground level


The 10 foot high Himalayan White Birch, chosen for its beautiful shape, its white bark and the rustle of its leaves in the wind has been broken at the point it was fixed on its support frame. Both trees were donated in memory of loved ones and will be expensive to replace.