10.02.24: Topsy Turvy workparty works its magic.

Todays workparty was rather a topsy turvy affair. As the 13 volunteers arrived so did the rain. So it was decided to have  a bit of a social catch up with coffee first and see if the weather improved (it’s always hit or miss here in Exmouth because of the geographical situation). But after half an hour in the Pavilion Cafe, the sun came out and we were able to spend an hour giving the Sensory Garden a spruce  and tidy up. It now looks cared for again.  Liz did a once over at the Waterwheel pond before joining us at the Sensory Garden and ‘well done’ to Les who joined the workparty today, (without a crutces), after his knee replacement just 4 weeks ago. A Bionic man indeed!

Spring flowers beginning to come out.  Yippee! Exmouth  in Bloom  making the difference as usual.