09.09.22: Salterton Road Wild Flower Corridor…. a ‘blooming’ miracle.

In late May East Devon District Council covered a vast area of 5000m2 with wild flower seed to create a crucial corridor and stepping stone for wildlife along Salterton Road. By transforming to wildflower from mown grass carbon emissions can be cut by up to 50% through reduced mowing regimes. 

Then there was no rain for weeks and weeks. But true to form with wild flowers (and weeds of course) and in parched soil, in late July this happened……

Still no rain  and with temperatures in excess of  30 degrees C the flowers died off and went brown. However, on 22nd August, Exmouth had some heavy rain and has had a few storms since, but in between there has been warm sunshine and look at this latest show.

I am told  by Russell Giblett, the Green Spaces Development Officer, that the seed used is a native perennial mix, sourced locally in Honiton, but with added individual early and late  flowering  perennial species such as Rudbekia ‘Goldsturm’ and Liatris spicata among others.

Nature is miraculous!

Just hoping now that everything has seeded and there will be a wonderful show next year.