08.10.23: Wildflower Bank gets its annual cut and rake off.

Super  praise goes to the workparty  of 12 this morning starting in the early mist at the Wildflower bank opposite the Station. Dave came with his strimmer and all the arisings were raked off and bagged up. Wow what a difference that has made.  The daffodils  in the bank will soon be showing  ready to welcome Spring!

We welcomed new volunteer James who is doing an RHS Level 1 course  and has joined us for some hands on experience!

Meanwhile Val and Richard worked their way down Marine Way visiting all the sustainably planted boats, to collect  up the gorgeous Orange and Violet Pinto geraniums that have been adding that splash of colour  to the boats since May. The geraniums have been prepped ready for potting up for overwintering in Sharon’s greenhouse.

Plants  that were past their best have been removed from the two tribute boats  near the Station but we will leave the centre plaques in til next Spring and will be planting around them.

A final trim of the  trailing plants  in the Amberol Celebration Planters  on the Station  concourse and a  weed and sweep of the pavers there just finished the ‘spruced up’ look in that area before we joined Gerry and Sharon for coffee at Postcards…….. (must do lunch there soon!)

The last Sunday of the month Workparty will be just before Winter Planting Day   (which is on November 3rd),  so you may see a few cleared spaces appearing  in our displays over the next couple of weeks.