07.05.21: Writing in Daffodils.

Some folk may have seen the word BLOOM written in daffodils on the Marine Way Bank. This is a legacy from many years ago and was part of a display spelling out either BRITAIN  IN or EXMOUTH IN (BLOOM).  Exmouth  in Bloom felt it was time to resurrect the rest of the wording. So yesterday a team of 11 volunteers  repositioned some of the daffodils, to let them die down and at the same time  boost the IN BLOOM wording, The plan then is to plant  new daffodil bulbs after the bank has been cut in the Autumn to spell out EXMOUTH which will give us a wonderful show come next March.                                                                                                                             Tough work I can tell you but a job well done!

(Apologies that this area is looking somewhat dishevelled at the moment but wild flower seed has been sown on the bare patches of soil and we are confident that the bank will be looking good again soon.)