07.04.24: Winterising Geraniums/Pelargoniums in Newspaper.

As you know Exmouth in Bloom are not afraid to experiment. We like to work smart not hard!  Today a pop up workparty of Committee members cut back the  huge Agapanthus  in the Wavy bed. Last year we tried to split them but to no avail. They were determined to stay put and would have needed a small digger to get them out. So after googling possibilities and a discussion with Graham we took the plunge  and the Aggies got the chop to get them more under control Will keep you all posted on how they recover. Just  cross your fingers they still flower this year!

It’s two and a half weeks since we said we’d keep you posted on the progress of the geraniums/ peligoniums  that were  wrapped in Newspaper and overwintered in a cardboard box.
Looks like we might have a few losses but their pasty spindly leaves are greening up and looking much stronger now. Some nice warm weather will certainly make even more difference!  Thanks Barbara and Bill for keeping an eye on them in your greenhouse.  More updates in a couple of weeks!