07.03.23: Sad demise of our focal Echium plant in the Wavy Bed due to winter frosts.

The beautiful Echium Fastuosum that has been the central focus of the Wavy bed for  the past 5 years has  suffered from the plummeting temperatures this winter, so sadly we decided it had to go today to make way for something spectacular ( watch this space) ready for the National Finals this Summer.

We rescued about a dozen small seedlings which had survived, sheltered by other plants, so it will live on!

We also tried to thin out some of the clumps of Agapanthus  in the Wavy Bed. The Aggies were having none of it….. even though we dug down deep, the roots were determined to stay put. So we have experimented with cutting one right down to see how it grows and if it re-flowers this year. All the  rest  in the bed have, as usual, just been stripped of their frost damaged leaves so we know they will be fine. We will watch with interest…… always learning with this gardening lark!

A great morning’s work and big thanks to the lovely kind lady who brought us some ‘refuelling’ snacks….. not just any snacks…. M and S snacks. We loved them!

The team  were surprised at just how big the job was but there were 13 of us working on the Wavy Bed today.

Thanks go to Streetscene’s Dave who came along to collect all the green waste for recycling. We were glad to help load it all onto his tip up truck and get our blue bags back to re-use straight away.


Coffee and a warm up at The Powder Monkey to finish off!