07.03.22: Important Wild Flower Bank by Lidl now being managed.

There is a wild area on the roadside embankment, opposide Lidl on Dinan Way where some special plants, including, Bitynian Vetch, Bee Orchids and Pyramid Orchids have chosen to live and now need to be protected from being swamped by the onward march of brambles.

It has been a target for preservation by Wild Exmouth, Wild East Devon and  Exmouth Wildlife Group, for a while now, but today, thanks to Exmouth Town Grounds Maintenance Team who have done a superb job of  sensitive clearing of the area, and a group of volunteers that included 5 from Exmouth in Bloom, the bank has been cut and raked ready for this year’s wild flowers to emerge. Great team work as always when community groups work together with the same aim.

*Many thanks to Roger Hambling who created the Species list below, from surveys he made in 2021 and to Elaine for the workparty photos.