06.06.23: Two Rainbows groups join us to plant on their meeting days.

Wednesday’s Rainbows  Group arrived excited and ready to plant the 5  Exmouth in Bloom troughs on the Station Platform.  Orange and Violet geraniums, Yellow bidens and White begonia semperflorens. Nice bright colours welcoming travellers to Exmouth. They then swept up and watered  to leave everywhere tidy and finished up with iced lollies on the seats outside.

Good job done girls!

Thursday’s Rainbows planted  up the last of our boats, Gertrude. We were  on Marine Way next to the Railway track so there was a lot of waving to the trains going by!   The boat is planted with perennials mostly, but we like to add that extra splash of  seasonal colour, so that was the task this afternoon. There were orange and violet Geraniums, purple Surfinias  and some lovely bright Gazanias  to choose from and plant… then water in…. Before ice lolly rockets!

Another great job done!  Thank you Rainbows.