06.04.20 Making the Difference: 3. The Strand (Rolle Street end)

The Rolle Street end of The Strand looked very bland back in Summer 2018, so Exmouth in Bloom made a few changes, thanks to permission from Richard Elliott of Devon Highways. We were looking for a home for a donated boat which we had renovated ready for filling with flowers. Traditionally named, after one of Exmouth’s Lifeboats, ‘The Spirit of the Exe’ is sponsored by Community Transport and was unveiled by Councillor Jill Elson. Spirit of the Exe is planted up with the help of Nursery-aged children each year. Lets hope that this tradition will continue for many years to come. Another great Exmouth Community project.
Once current movement restrictions are lifted, three new tiered planters are planned for this area as well as our fabulous Flags which will be flying here in celebration.