06.02.23: Metal Manchester Road planters are being replaced.

The 9 old metal Manchester Road Planters, which are now rusting through, are about to be  replaced with low maintenance ones made from recycled plastic which will have water reservoirs. We are very grateful to three local Devon County Councillors, Jeff Trail, Richard Scott and Christine Channon who have  generously made the cost of these available to Exmouth in Bloom through a Devon County Council Community grant.

This week, we have made a start on the project by first clearing and saving the current plants and  then repurposing the old compost to mulch various places in the town. New peat-free compost will be used in the new planters.

To be honest we vastly underestimated this job, which took far longer than anticipated. 15 incredible volunteers  deserve huge praise. They worked like trojans, at really short notice, in well below freezing temperatures. We are also very grateful for EDDC Streetscene’s help in removing the old planters and the last of the compost. Adam especially, was a knight in shining (orange) armour, coming to our rescue when we were beginning to flag! The new planters arrive on 14th Feb.

Gerry makes a start on emptying the planters.

The plants were all bagged up and stored nearby in The Massage Clinic garden

We massively underestimated the difficulty and time it would take to do this job!