05.04.22: Job done on the Dinosaur Paddocks

We finished off cutting back the dogwoods and grasses in the Dino Paddocks today. Not an easy task at the best of times, but made worse by the rubbish, litter and dog excrement that has built up, hidden by the grasses since 2015. However we did our best to keep our sense of humour and the job is done now. We really appreciated the East Devon Horticultural Team, Tom Wood, Paul Fealey and Russel Gibblett, coming by and thanking us for our work in area. We are just hoping that they will organise a substantial topping of woodchip to finish off the area now.

Les got stuck in clearing out litter and debris from theĀ  huge Phormiums.

The Grasses have been left untouched for 7 years and were hiding a huge amount of dross!

Short back and sides everywhere.


Time to pack away and thanks to Streetscenewho took the green waste and saved our fabulous blue IKEA bags as usual.