04.01.21: DIY Dave to the rescue.

Exmouth in Bloom owns a small shed that we store some random items in…. watering cans, an old hose, empty compost bags used for gardening waste, paint for the boats, empty jam jars ready to be filled with marmalade or chutney, a few gardening tools to loan to volunteers and a wheelbarrow with an almost flat tyre…… nothing of real value to anyone but us. So we were very sad to see that someone saw fit to try to break in, with a Barbecue fork of all things.

Whoever it was failed miserably, but managed to split the wooden door from top to bottom.

Superman DIY Dave to the rescue…….so with glue, and some brute strength all is now repaired and good as new.

Strangely, he only said last week that EiB hadn’t called on him to do any jobs lately.


Seriously Dave. Thank you!

Glued and screwed.

Good as new!