04.05.21: Bring Back Beetles!

A while ago we were given permission to prune back some of the dead and lower branches of the trees along  the Marine Way shared walking/cycling path. So, inspired by the RHS campaign to ‘Bring Back Beetles’ we decided to add a Dead Hedge behind our small wild flower patch, utilising the off cuts.  Our three teams worked simultaneously. Graham led the tree pruning team,  Elaine co-ordinated  transporting the branches, with Richard, Linda and Mike, to the Hedge site, where Marion, Sheila and Gerry did the hedge building. It was amazing that 4 huge loads of branches and offcuts compressed into this project! Here are the results!

Any beetles may now book  a place at our very own upmarket Hilton Premier Lodge!

(Thanks also go to EDDC Streetscene for picking up the last of the cut branches, surplus to our needs, to chip)