02.02.22: Emergency Response Team deals with Aphid crisis!

A week or so ago we noticed that the winter Violas and Pansies in the planters throughout the town were looking very sad! It turns out to be a Nationwide problem this year. A combination of mild damp weather and government guidelines banning something usually added to the growing compost which stops aphids attacking the plants.            

Our grower, Boyce’s of Manstree, alerted us to this problem and  very generously delivered, free of charge, trays of Primulas for us and the Exmouth Town Grounds Team as well, so that we could replace some of the plants lost in our towers and planters.

Photos courtesy of Marion and Elaine

Our very own Emergency Response Team kicked into action throughout the town  and got the new plants in.  There are still a number of planters that require a plant ‘boost’ so we will be calling on the wonderful Jill Start who grows plants for Exmouth Friends in Need for a few extras.

What a team we are!

The Magnolia Centre. Husband and wife team Dee and Mike tackled the highest planting.

Linda G and Richard worked together on removing dead Violas.

Liz tackled the lower tiers.

Graham, Gerry, Marion and Sheila took on The Strand and Manchester Road planters.

The friendly Traffic Warden kept catching up with us and advised us where to park safely and legally!!!

A few of the many spaces that were left by removing Violas have been filled with lovely Primulas.