03.03.24: The Dino paddocks get checked out by our very own ‘Evelynasaurus’

What a perfect morning for a workparty in The Strand. A weed, edge and tidy of the Dinosaur Paddocks ( with our very own Evelynasaurus making sure all the dinosaurs were happy) and a lot of rubbish collected from the undergrowth. Then on to the far seating area  and the Buddliea bed on the other side of the War Memorial.  Meanwhile Pauline and Peter nobly volunteered to tackle some of the Manchester Road planters and weeds in the pavers.  17 happy volunteers  plus Lucy the dog, enjoyed the morning’s work finishing off with a  welcome cuppa at Postcards Cafe.

Thanks especially to the ‘boys’ and Emma who took almost all the garden waste bags to the pick up point for EDDC to recycle for us.

Look out for the Dinosaur taking Lucy for a walk! Linda’s daffodil themed wellies and Alison and Les’s  mouthwatering cheese scones in the photos.

Great morning!  All spic and span. Thank you everyone.

If you’d like to join our jolly band just contact info@exmouthinbloom.org.uk